Honda SL100 Famous Racers

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The Honda Racing Corporation has supported many famous racers in the field of biking races. They not only encourage motor racing competitions across the world, but also take active participation in bringing you high potential racing machines like the famous Honda SL 100. They have successfully created leading edge technologies which have gone forth to become the basis of all racing machines on the race tracks. Soichiro Honda was himself a race driver.

It was Mike Hailwood that claimed their first Grand prix victory in 125 and 250 cc classes. Honda’s SL100 was famous for its sleek and stylish design with exotic engine configurations. Honda won its first 500 cc Grand Prix World championship with Freddie Spencer. Since then Honda has become a name to be remembered in the motor racing history.

Famous riders like Valentino Rossi and Mick Doohan all have stood by the Honda for being the best in the race!

History of the Honda SL100

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Honda is the name that summons respect in the biking world even today. When Soichiro Honda opened up0 the first store in Los Angeles in 1959, no one would have thought that this name would grow up to become the world’s fifth largest automobile maker today. The Honda had to compete a lot with the Harleys and the Triumphs in America.

Then it sold only 1700 units in a year. It was from Japan and European markets that Honda received its fame and glory. A Honda dirt bike or trail bikes are off-road light weight bikes. These have been specially designed for rough terrains. They use tires that are knobby with deep treads, as you need an ultimate grip on loose dirt. These work fine on mud or gravel as well. So if you need to hit any kind of unpaved road. The Honda SL100 is here for you. It is of no wonder today that so many want a Honda dirt bike.

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Honda SL100 Racing Pedigree

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Honda SL100 RacingHonda is a name that summons a lot of respect in the automobile world. Check out the engine as well as its power before you buy your Honda SL100. Just driving this beauty will make you feel lively again.

Dirt bike racing is one competition that appeals to people from all ages. These thrill seeking races have led to the formation of Honda Racing Corporation in 1982. In Motocross, the Honda has won 24 motocross world championships. Racing is a game of confidence. You need to have tons of confidence to just beat your competitors. The main idea behind the racing mentality is to harness the power of confidence to race at the limit and make brave decisions at the right moment. The Honda SL100 is one such vehicle which makes you want to join the racing pedigree.

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iRide Custom Honda SL100 Bobber Project

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iRide did an excellent custom job on the Honda SL100 and put a bragging video on Youtube. Being a sick fan of customs AND the SL100 I have to say this really tickles my fancy! :D

YouTube Preview Image